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Middle School: Social Studies Grade 8: Westward Expansion Assignment: Home

Social Studies Grade 8

Westward Expansion Assignment

Main Points for the Project

  • Pre-contact
  • Contact
  • Expansion

Group Topics

  • Early Westward Expansion
  1. French and Indian War
  2. Daniel Boone and Opening Kentucky
  • Beginning of West of Mississippi
  1. Lewis and Clark Expedition
  2. Trail of Tears
  • Westward Trails
  1. Oregon Trail
  2. Santa Fe trail

Research Questions

  • Where were the tribes living?
  • How did they live?
  • Why did contact between Native Americans and European-Americans occur?
  • What did contact look like?
  • If there was conflict, what caused the conflict?
  • What was the outcome of the conflict?
  • Whose way of life changed?