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Hooray, we're going to see the Cleveland Orchestra perform on March 5!


You have been given an orchestra excerptLinks to an external site. from either "Pictures at an Exhibition" or Ravel's Piano "Concerto."

  • Ravel Piano Concerto, Movement 1:  Shaliz, Maya, Eloise, Rachel, Abby, Hailey
  • Ravel Piano Concerto, Movement 2: Celia
  • Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition, Il Vecchio Castello:  Hailey


You will write a "listeners guide" for your assigned piece.  Follow these steps:

  1. Try playing your excerpt (because it's fun!)
  2. Listen to your assigned movement a few times until you feel you know it well.  Any recording on youtube is fine - and mix it up!
  3. Using resources from the LibGuide, learn about the composer and the composition.  
  4. Create a one-page listening guide.  Your audience likes classical music but needs to learn about this piece or composer.  Include pictures to make your listening guide snazzy.
    1. Describe the composer and what makes them unique.
    2. Describe the piece and what makes it unique. 
    3. What should the audience be listening for?
    4. Any other tidbits you think the audience would appreciate?
    5. Apart from images, your sheet should have 250-300 words in it.  (this assignment description has about 200, FYI)


Be awesome!  Don't be boring!