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Middle School: Eighth Grade: iProject: Read the URL!

Read the URL!

Read the URL

Being able to read the URL of a site will help you evaluate before you spend time working with it. The domain designation has information, as well as the grammar of the URL.

  • .com (commercial $)
  • .edu (education, most U.S. colleges)
  • .ac (academic institution not used in U.S.)
  • .org (any organization)
  • .net (internet / network – no specific designation)
  • .gov (government agency)
  • .mil (military institution - U.S.)

Indications you are on a personal page that should be scrutinized for bias, accuracy and authority.
Does the URL have a tilde: ~?
Does the URL have %?
Does the URL include a personal name?
Does the URL include words like: users, people or members?