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Laurel School

Middle School: Seventh Grade English: Poetry Analysis Project

Assignment Details

The Poetry Project is an opportunity for you to dive into analyzing and interpreting a poem of your choice!  In addition, you will compose a poem inspired by the poem you chose.


  1. Choose a poem that interests you!  This poem MUST be from Ms. Moury’s list unless you get special permission.

  2. Next, annotate your poem in your poetry book.

  3. Your third step is to do a bit of research on the author of your poem.  Find out about your chosen poet’s birth and death date (if they’re not alive!).  Learn where they lived, what their life was like, and why they wrote poetry.  Take notes on their biography.  You must include a WORKS CITED page at the end of your paragraph that details where you found the information about your poet.

  4. Your final step is to write a paragraph that introduces your poet and identifies and analyzes the literary devices in your poem.  In addition, your paragraph should explain the deeper meaning of your poem.  Please see the attached paragraph sheet for further directions and a model paragraph.

Databases for Assignment