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Laurel School

Middle School: Seventh Grade: History Unfolded: Newspapers

Assignment Details

Remember when searching for articles for your topic, ONLY use keywords and dates/date ranges provided by History Unfolded (see link below).


Research Hints

Remember these two BIG tips:

1. Use quotes when searching to keep phrases together.  Also, try to be as specific as possible.  For example, instead of civil war, search for "American Civil War"

2. Use Boolean operators (AND OR NOT).  You may also substitute their symbols:

  • For AND, use the plus sign +
  • For NOT, use the minus sign -

When searching in Google, remember to place the symbols right next to the search term.  This is especially helpful with the minus sign:

  • Washington -George

Narrowing Down Date Ranges


For example, enter 1933-1939,