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Upper School: English 11: Human Nature Research: Human Nature Research


English 11:  Topics, Sub-Topics and Questions on THE BRAIN unit


Legal system

            Rehab vs. incarceration

            Parole procedure and mental illness

Psychopathy in the media

Diagnostic procedure

DNA vs. Blannk Slate

DNA. vs. Environment

Science vs. Intuition

Parenting and Childhood

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Triggers for Psychopathy

Human Capacity for Psychopathy

Empathy & Empathetic Development

Non-Violent Psychopathy

Psychopathy in the Corporate World

Psychopathy and Gender


Chemical Balance/Imbalance in the brain

Fairness not ≠sameness


Evolution (brain, in general), and evolution of psychopathy

Labeling and stigmatization

Confidentiality and Privacy w/r to mental health issues


Free Will

Individual Case Studies