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Laurel School

LCRG Research Guide

Research Process


Guiding Questions for an Initial Research Meeting Post-Background Gathering

The following questions serve as a guide. All questions need not be asked. 


  1. What about this topic is most interesting to you? Why?

  2. Is there a particular population that this topic is relevant to?

  3. Is there a particular population that is frequently left out of this conversation?

  4. What don’t you know about this topic?

  5. Does this background reading confirm what you already knew?

  6. What did you learn? What surprised you?

  7. What are the gaps?

  8. What are the implications and/or consequences of accepting or rejecting a particular argument?

  9. How might others see a problem or issue differently?

  10. How can I explain contradictions within or between arguments?

  11. From whose perspective is this information being presented, and how does that affect my evaluation?


Important Questions to Answer Before the Next Round of Background Gathering


  1. What do you still not know? How do you know what you don’t know?

  2. What patterns or trends can be identified among the arguments/resources about this issue?

  3. How can I connect the multiple arguments across resources? What other issues, questions, or topics do they relate to?

  4. How did these resources help you to narrow your interest?