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Website Evaluation


CARRDS Defined
**Note: CARRDS is ONLY for free Internet sites, NOT for subscription databases like World Book, EBSCO, etc..

Who is the author? Is there an email address to contact the author (not the webmaster)? Why do you trust him or her? Example: The author of this site is a 5th grade class, and so I should use it with caution, if at all. Or, this Civil War site is by a UCLA professor of History, and it provides her email address, so I can trust it.

Based on your knowledge, does the information seem accurate? Example: Parts of this site are similar to what I already know about Mexico from my textbook, so I think I can trust the information. Or, I don’t know anything about my topic yet so I am not sure, Or, This site is different from what I learned before, so I should compare it with other sources before I use it.

Does the site present an opinion, point of view, bias? Is this opinion clearly stated? What is it? Example: this site is an anti-smoking, anti-tobacco site. In the “about us” section it says that the purpose of the site is to teach teenagers not to smoke. I understand the opinion and it is fine for my research.

Does this information help to answer my question? Is it in-depth? Is it too hard, too easy, or just right? Yes or no answers are fine for the first part, then rate the level of the information.

When was the information created? Was it revised? Are these dates meaningful in terms of subject matter? Example: This site is from 2006 and is about Global Warming, so it is up to date. Or, This site is from 1999 and is about the solar system, so I think it may be too old.

Does the site have a Works Cited or Bibliography? If they are links, do they still work? Yes or No answers are fine. Elaborate if needed.

Very Useful                                   Somewhat Useful                                        Not Good
                                                                                                                          If this is your answer,find a different site!