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Upper School: Economics: Macroeconomics Project Guidelines

Mr. Huston's Economics class project

Macroeconomics Project

The semester project in Macroeconomics will be a formal research paper on an important economic issue currently under discussion.

You will use Noodle Tools to: 1) compile a formal bibliography of your sources; 2)  track your fact-finding research from on line sources (databases and websites) and printed research in books.  You must consult no fewer than 12 sources, and 5 of them must be from printed sources.

Be sure to link your NoodleTools file for this project to "Huston--Econ Issues Proj 2015".

You will create an outline in NoodleTools for the organization of your paper; place your research notes in the appropriate section of the outline; and export the outline as an RTF file.  You will open the RTF file and format it it in Word.  See the linked document for the proper formatting guidelines.

Your finished paper should be 8-12 pages in length--excluding title page and bibliography.  The bibliography must be in Chicago Style format.  Be sure to check this option when you BEGIN your Noodle Tools file.  Your paper should have ENDNOTES in Chicago Style.  Here is a LINK to see the proper method for Chicago citations.  Remember that endnotes are formatted differently than the bibliography.  While endnotes are numbered to match the raised citation numbers in your paper, bibliographies are NEVER numbered--they are alphabetical by author's last name.

There are FIVE DEADLINES for this paper:

1)  Topic Selection: Friday, January 16, 2015;

2)  Completion of formal bibliography in Noodle Tools: Friday, February 20, 2015;

3)  Construction of outline and writing first page of paper: Friday, March 6, 2015;

4) a conference with me to discuss your paper BEFORE you hand it in--either in Person or via Skype: Sunday, April 12, 2015; 

5)  Final Paper Deadline: Friday April 17, 2015.


Possible Topics

  1. Is gas too cheap?
  2. Are the rich undertaxed or overtaxed?
  3. Should college be free?
  4. Should day care be free?
  5. Is the minimum wage too low?
  6. Should it be free trade or fair trade?
  7. Is WalMart good for America?
  8. Is welfare too generous?
  9. Should the banks be more regulated?
  10. Are CEOs overpaid in America?
  11. Are professional athletes overpaid in America?
  12. Should healthcare be free?
  13. Are women underpaid?
  14. Who should pay for job retraining?
  15. Is the national debt too high?
  16. Will Social Security be around for you and is it worth it?
  17. Is Amazon good for America?

If you have another topic in mind, please ask me about it before submitting it.