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Upper School: World History: Grade 9

Citing a Database: Reference Source

Next, you must know what type of resource you are citing.  Reference sources include almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.

Click on +Create New Citation button.  Then, under Where is it?  click Database.   What is it?  Choose Reference Source

 Make sure your screen is on the Database tab.  To do a Quick Cite, click Copy & paste a citation


Be sure you have copied the Source Citation from the database result page, then paste into Manually-edited citation box.  Also be sure to copy and paste the static URL for the result in the box URL, if any (and if not already provided in your citation above).



Citing a Print Book

To cite a print book, choose Book from Select a citation type.  To import the information from the book's ISBN number, enter the ISBN number next to the box Import ISBN:

Click on record of book to select it, then click on Import selected source button:


For this example, MLA format is used.  To create a citation, select a choice from the dropdown box.  If you are searching any of the resources from the Crile Library A-Z Database List, choose Database FIRST.

Next, you must know what type of resource you are citing: