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Writing a Position Paper

The paper should include a brief introduction and a comprehensive breakdown of the country‘s position on the topics that are being discussed within the committee. An excellent position paper includes: 
  • A clear statement of policy
  • The country‘s background on the topic, including
  1. political and/or foreign policy
  2. action taken by your government in relation to the topic
  3. actions your government has supported or not supported
  4. resolutions and declarations that your country supports
  5. reference speeches made by heads of government 
  • Action that the country would support in a resolution.

Position papers are often broken up into two sections. The first includes the policy statement and is  preceded by the heading "General Statement," while the second includes the country‘s background on the topic and action the country would support. This section is titled "Specifics." This format is encouraged, as it allows for very clear position papers.